Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its Been a While

Wow, its been a while!
Honestly I just didn't have anything to write about other then how training is going and well, for me training is always going well- I love it! I have always maintained that even when I stop racing I'm pretty sure my training will increase because then I wouldn't have to worry about optimum recovery or trying to peak. BUT for now I am pretty happy to just keep following the program and trying to find a way to get fitter and faster everyday.

Canmore has been pretty cold and snowy, so our rollerskiing has been thrown off a bit, and I will admit I didn't dress well enough or warm up well enough for our first intensity in the cold, but I am adjusted pretty well now. I love running in the snow! Everything looks so clean and in the forest it muffles the sound of your footsteps its just beautiful.

Obviously I would have liked an extra few weeks for rollerskiing, but this weather isn't so bad for training, in fact I rather like it a lot- it means the season is coming up and that means an opportunity to chase my dreams!

have a great day!

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