Thursday, September 18, 2008

wow, what a start to the week.
Right now I am trying to eat as much as I can I feel like a train has hit me. Yesterday I ran a 5km time trial on a track...yes, I just said that evil word. We decided to see what kind of speed I had in me because I've been running well on the trail, and I also wanted to use it as a test to not be intimidated by the track. For all the years I spent running, I dreaded track, and lived for cross country. I really only ran track because I had to and because my friends were on the team!

We had set out to run between 18min and 18:30, which I think I am capable of, however I fell off the pace pretty hard, I just didn't have that extra gear to turn it over the the last 12oom and so I was a little off the pace. BUT the good thing is that I am about 10lbs heavier then I was when I ran track, so its a good gauge of fitness for this time of year. It was also great to have the Foothills YRG kids out running around the track too.

Today we had a 5hr overdistance planned for highwood pass. Thankfully Mike drove me down as there was no way I was rolling down! I would say that this was a good workout for me because at the start I was pretty much convinced that I wasn't going to be able to do much more then an hour, but ipods and drink mix do incredible things, coupled with the boys who were double polling, I could keep up with them on my skate skiis.

Other then that I think I am recovering quite well- we'll see how tomorrow goes!

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